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Death Sentence of Saddam Hussein Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

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Death Sentence of Saddam Hussein - Case Study Example Against the nature of the trial. Most seem to agree that the trial was hugely unfair to Hussein, the judges were under pressure to reach a guilty verdict; the defense (Or at least that part of it that was not killed before the end of the trial) was not given all of the facts, and the death sentence was speedily carried out without adequate time for appeal.While issues such as the death penalty are clearly procedural, the allegation that the verdict was pre-arranged, and no adequate proof of Saddam's guilt was provided, fall into the category of Substantive law.The defendants were charged with committing "Murder, torture, forced displacement, and unlawful imprisonment" (Human Rights Watch, 2006). However, because the charges were so vague (Ibid) some feel that Saddam was instead, convicted of Crimes against Humanity "An offence against international Law for which Iraqi law stipulates no penalty" (Kadri, 2007).Those picked to hear the case were Kurds and Shiites, effectively excluding those of Hussein's own ethnic group.

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